Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2 New Paintings - West Cork and Achill

With all the "projects" I've been giving myself lately it's great just to switch off the laptop and get back into the studio and paint!

Here are two paintings I finished recently that I'm really happy with. This first one - "Looking Over at Hungry Hill"- is of Hungry Hill mountain on the Beara peninsula in west Cork. It is painted from a photograph taken from the Sheep's Head peninsula and I just love the old farmhouse tucked into the landscape in the foreground.

This second painting is one that I started at my painting workshop in Achill in early june - I call it "A Quiet Day, Achill". I finished in my studio in Delgany and I just love the calm, summer feel to it. I have put in the telegraph lines again, disappearing over the hill. There is something really evocative about those old telegraph poles - they are certainly a long way from mobile wi-fi and smartphone apps!

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  1. Both paintings posted here look great! I like how you used the colors intended for this work of art! Thanks for sharing this!