Friday, February 19, 2010

April Exhibition - Work in Progress #2

Here is another of the pieces I'm working on for the Dalkey exhibition which opens on April 13th. I'm starting to get a really nice feeling from this painting, so I need to be careful not to lose it as I bring it to completion!

The theme of the exhibition centers on that place where the shore and the coast meet.

My paintings deal with the landscapes that run to the coast's edge and the buildings that have become part of those landscapes. Grainne's ceramic work (above) takes it's inspiration directly from the sea and the shorelines that meet the coast. The meeting of the shore and coast is the point where our work overlaps, where the colours and textures of Grainne's beautiful ceramic fish and fired vessels blend into the rich oils and primary colours of my paintings.

Friday, February 12, 2010

April Exhibition - Work in Progress #1

It's pretty hard to hold a painting knife when your hands are freezing! I've been struggling to keep work moving along for the exhibition in April. It's just been so cold in the studio!

But moving along it is and I'm starting to really like some of the pieces that are taking shape. I will be posting some images of works in progress over the coming weeks as I get closer to the opening night. Here is one of my personal favourites, which is setting the tone for a lot of the others. A little more muted than normal, I really the atmosphere it evokes.