Monday, May 5, 2014

Art in Action....on Achill Island 2014

I've just spent the last 3 days demonstrating and exhibiting at Art in Action, at Farmleigh House in the Phoenix Park, Dublin. And it's been a blast!

Art in Action - Farmleigh House, 2014
This was the first time I have ever attended Art in Action, let alone take part in it. But when I was invited last year to take part in the 2014 event I jumped at the chance, having heard about it through some friends and other artists. The concept is very simple - bring together a diverse collection of painters, craft workers, ceramicists, sculptors, in fact all types of artists, and have them share what they do with the general public.

So I set up temporary studio in the Craftworkers marquee and painted for the 3 days. 
Art in Action 2014
What a great way to spend the weekend:) This was a real family event, with both children's and adults art classes being held each day - painting, potting, all sorts of crafts. It was just a great festival of art! And it's got me all fired up for my first painting workshop of 2014 which takes place on Achill Island next weekend, May 10th and 11th.

 There are still some places left - but if even a 10th of the people that said they wanted to come to Achill for one of my workshops show up then I'm in trouble! The full list of dates for my 2014 workshops on Achill Island are:

May - 10th/11th
Art in Action, on Achill Island!
June - 7th/8th ( *This looks like it might be fully booked, pending confirmation from 2 people. So please check with me first)
July - 29th/30th/31st - This is being run as part of the Scoil Acla Summer School.
August - 4/5/6/7
August - 11/12/13/14
August - 18/19/20/21

Full details of the workshops can be found at