Monday, May 16, 2011

Charity Auction - A Great Result

I was delighted to hear over the weekend that a painting I had submitted to the Welcome Home charity, run by Fr.Peter Mcvery made well above the reserve price. The painting was of an old farmhouse on the Doolin road in Co.Clare which I finished last month.

It's hugely rewarding to know that something I have produced can be of direct benefit to a charity like Welcome Home. If that sounds like I'm patting myself on the back then I'm really sorry, that's not what I mean at all. It's just that it serves as another reminder to me that what I am doing now - ie producing paintings - is a an amazingly rewarding career have. I'm just lucky that what I produce gives pleasure and joy to a lot of people (and in this case a little extra). It doesn't cause distress or grief. It doesn't require the manipulation of others to get the job done. It doesn't drive people to depression or cause endless sleepless nights.

In contrast it seems to enrich people's lives and no matter how many times I am told by admirers that my paintings mean a lot to them, it always leaves me feeling incredibly lucky to have stumbled upon a career where the end result only seems to have a positive impact on people.

Long may it continue!

Article & Image in this weekend's Sunday Business Post

A big thank you to Ros Drinkwater of the Sunday Business Post for including a nice mention in the Fine Arts & Antiques section of the paper about my upcoming Achill Painting Workshop on June 11&12, including a photo of my painting "Keem Bay" which is currently on view in the Doorway Gallery. If you missed it, here it is...

"If a walk in the footsteps of Paul Henry appeals to you, Padraig McCaul's next two-day workshop on Achill Island will take place on June 11 and 12. McCaul has had great success with his evocative paintings of Irish rural landscapes, most recently seen at the Doorway Gallery, Dublin. Aimed at painting enthusiasts (including beginners) who want to explore new approaches, the workshops involve demonstrations by McCaul, plus outdoor scouting trips to sketch and paint, and indoor sessions developing the initial sketches on canvas.

The cost for the two days is €125, not including accommodation. For further details, tel: 086 8801733 or log on to" -Ros Drinkwater, The Sunday Business Post

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Upcoming Painting Workshops

I have my first Achill painting workshop coming up this weekend and if the weather is anything like it has been for the past 2 weeks we're going to have a great time. The island looked amazing over Easter, in fact it was like being on a Spanish sun holiday! Let's hope the weather holds out for another few days. Take 30 seconds out to relax and watch this video of Keel Beach....

I have a number of other workshops coming up soon so here is a brief reminder of all the dates....

May 7th & 8th - A 2 Day workshop on Achill Island (€125)
May 10th - Painting Demonstration for the Greystones Art Society
May 14th - A 1 day landscape painting workshop in my studio in Delgany (€65)
June 11th & 12th - A 2 Day workshop on Achill Island (€125)

Full details of all the workshops are available here...