Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Painting Workshops

I have a number of painting workshops coming up in august and september on Achill Island. Full details can be found on the website. The July workshops were very enjoyable and have proved that it is very hard to beat Achill as a place of inspiration and beauty, whatever the weather!

I was down in Kinsale in West Cork last weekend for what I hope will be the first of an annual summer workshop. Special thanks to Sue for organising it. It is always great to get to work with talented artists and the workshops are a lovely way of getting to do that. The photo above shows some of the group in Kinsale working away in the Temperance Hall, Kinsale.

We have to start somewhere....

Welcome to my artist's BLOG.

One of the reasons I became an artist is that I find it easier to say what I want to say through painting rather than words. So I expect this blog to be short and to the point!

I'll be using my blog to post details and feedback on my own upcoming exhibitions and workshops as well some occasional words on topics that I think may be of interest.