Saturday, June 1, 2013

'West Cork Homestead' - A New Painting For The London Affordable Art Fair

I just got back from a trip to Adrigole, a small village on the Beara Penninsula in West Cork. I was dropping some new paintings into the Hungry Hill Gallery, one my favourite trips each year.
'West Cork Homestead' 80x80cms Oil on Canvas, By Padraig McCaul

It takes a while to get there from Achill, about five and a half hours, but once you turn off from the main Killarney to Cork road and start driving along the narrow Kerry roads that bring you to Kenmare, you start to forget the previous four and a half hours of monotonous driving and become enthralled by the beauty of the landscape. Thick, lush green hedgerows and trees follow the winding roads that bring you to the beautiful town of Kenmare. After that it's a drive over the Caha Pass - no time this trip to take the more scenic route over the Healy Pass - before you reach Glengarriff, nestled in the Beara landscape of barren rock and bright green fields and trees, with it's boats and pubs and tourist shops. And then it's only a short trip down to Adrigole, with Bantry Bay on one side and the mountains on the other. It's an amazing place.

And every time I go there the sun seems to be shining! But what gets me every time is just how green the landscape is, and how blue the sea is. These are my 'Cork' colours. Green and Blue. My painting 'West Cork Homestead' is typical of my 'Cork' colours. It depicts a small Irish farmhouse, with it's hayshed and barns tucked in close to it, overlooking Kenmare Bay on the other side of the Beara Penninsula to Bantry Bay.

The Doorway Gallery will be exhibiting West Cork Homestead in a few weeks time in London at the Affordable Art Fair which takes place from june 13th to 16th. Please contact the gallery via their website for invites if you would like to addend the show - they would be delighted to send you out some.

It is also one of two new Limited Edition Archival prints that I have released in advance of my upcoming solo exhibition 'Homeland', which the Doorway Gallery will be hosting this summer in Dublin (more details to come in the coming weeks). It is printed at 18"x18" on Hahnemuhle German Etching paper, signed and numbered in an edition of 100, and has been produced by the master printers themselves at Inspirational Arts,  Dublin, so the colours are sparkling!

The Limited Edition Archival print of West Cork Homeland is now available to order online at . It costs €250 ($325) and includes shipping worldwide.

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