Monday, June 10, 2013

2 days of Sunshine, Pleasure and Painting on Achill Island

What a great weekend! I've just been reflecting on a perfect weekend painting on Achill Island with a lovely group of enthusiastic (and talented!) art lovers. Easy to see why my summer painting workshops are something I look forward to each year!

Painting workshop with Padraig McCaul on Achill Island , 2013
But this one was extra special. Glorious sunshine for the 2 days, breakfast in the garden each morning with the kids, before meeting up with the group to share some of my favourite painting locations on Achill. We spent a lot of time sketching and talking and just looking at the unspoilt views at Keel and Dooagh and Saula. The remainder of the day was spent painting indoors, absorbed in the challenges of trying to put down on canvas what we had spent the morning observing and sketching.

Then there was the bonus of getting to build friendships that I know will last for a long time. Add to that  a great evening at home on friday with friends from Dublin, a gorgeous meal on saturday night in the Bervie (top 5 places to eat in Achill according to the Irish Times) with two very special people from Canada, a celebratory pizza with the kids in Pure Magic on sunday night (also in the top 5 places to eat!) and it all adds up to the perfect weekend.

Drawing the Minaun Cliffs on Achill Island, June 2013
Next painting workshop on Achill is not until July 20/21 but I'm already working on the weather!

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