Monday, March 26, 2012

"Still Lives" to be opened by Olivia O'Leary

padraig mccaul image from still lives exhibition
My new exhibition Still Lives is almost 3 weeks away. Opening night is the 17th April and I'm delighted to announce that the show will be officially opened by award winning journalist and broadcaster Olivia O'Leary.

Most of the work is almost completed, with the exception of a few of the larger pieces. But I need to let them "settle" and sit in the studio for a while so that I can pick up on any small changes or touches that I think are needed. It's an important part of my painting process - to allow time at the end to just live with the paintings in the studio. It's amazing what little things you can do to a painting at the very last minute that can make a profound impact to the overall painting.

This piece was "finished" two weeks ago, and I was happy with it. But something was nagging away at me telling me it needed something else. And then I added the shock of red to the gable end, and it suddenly came alive!

 Here is another of the new pieces from "Still Lives". No titles yet,  I will be writing a little more about the thoughts behind the exhibition in the next few weeks. I will also be posting a YouTube video of the paintings which I am close to finishing.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone for all of the warm congratulations I received over the success of my work at the Affordable Art Fair in London last week. It's a brilliant platform from which to grow my profile in the UK, so a special thank you to Denise and Deirdre at the Doorway Gallery for being so pro-active about promoting and marketing their artists abroad.

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