Thursday, February 23, 2012

News from the Studio

I met up with a friend of mine last week from my old life in software development. Wayne is also professional photographer, specialising in weddings and he came over to the studio to take some shots. Here are a few of photos he took of me in the studio. I'll be using some of the photos to update my website profiles over the next few weeks. Wayne's own website is

The painting on the easel in the first photo is one of the new pieces from my upcoming solo exhibition in april. I have no title on it yet, but it features a cluster of houses in Achill and a line of telegraph poles disappearing over the hill. It's painted with Oil and Wax on Linen canvas.

I've had a frustrating couple of weeks where nothing seemed to be going right for me in the studio. But I seem to have turned a corner and am getting really excited about some of the new work. I'll be posting some previews on my blog in the run up to the show.

I'm putting my change in fortunes down to my choice of music in the studio. I've recently gone on a nostalgia trip - back to my teens - and have been listenting to a lot of Deep Purple, Pink Floyd and AC/DC!! I was NEVER a heavy rocker may I add but there's something very simple and uplifting about loud guitars and screeching vocals that seems to bring out the best in me :)


  1. very beautiful painting! Last week everything that I painted had no substance,the week before I finished 4 painings of which, I actually love.I agree with the music theory,sometimes a song reminds me of a very happy memories in my life and I am able to accomplish so much with loud music playing in the back ground.Sometimes I am in a jazz mood,sometimes it's the Eagle's or Crosby Stills,Nash and Young :) Jan Coulbourne

  2. Thanks Jan. One of the joys of working in the studio is getting to listen to whatever music takes you on a journey for that particular day. At the moment I'm listening to a Dublin band - Whipping Boy - it's intense, loud and inspiring!