Tuesday, September 11, 2012

From Achill to Dublin to London

'Under a Big Sky' - 60x60cms - Oil on Canvas
 I'll be heading up to Dublin this weekend to drop some new work into the Doorway Gallery. The new paintings are destined for London next month where the gallery will be exhibiting again at the Affordable Art Fair in October. 

Here are two of the new pieces I will be sending over with the gallery. 'Under a Big Sky' - (60x60 cms, Oil on Canvas) takes it's cue from last year's Sentinels exhibition. I've been dying to do a 'sky' painting for some time now and this one just took off!

'A Quiet Road' - (60x60cms - Oil on Canvas) is based on some sketches I made over the summer in Achill - my new home. 

Oh yes, I moved to Achill with my family at the start of august! We've been so busy moving over, settling in, emptying boxes, building Ikea furniture, starting school, renting out our home in Dublin, running my August painting workshops, setting up my new studio - that I've had no time to let anyone know :)
'A Quiet Road' - 60x60cms - Oil on Canvas

I'll get around to writing a few dedicated blog posts about life in Achill once I get into my new routine but for the moment we are loving it, the kids are happy and we're talking about getting some chickens. TALKING about it.

'Off the Beaten Path' - 40x40cms - Limited Edition Giclee Print
Keep an eye on my Facebook page for more photos and news from the island. I will also be posting news of my latest Limited Edition Giclee Print  'Off the Beaten Path' - which I am making available at a special introductory price of €150 ($195), including shipping to the first 10 people to buy it online. I was prompted to make this print based on the amazing response the painting received when I posted it online over the summer. I received the final print from my printers and the quality is simply stunning.
You can order it online now at www.padraigmccaul.com/

That's it for now, lots more to come in the next few months...

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