Thursday, July 21, 2011

Over The Healy Pass and The Road From Keem

I'm heading back to Dublin this weekend after a few weeks in Achill. Maybe that explains my current fixation with roads!

This first painting -"Over the Healy Pass" - will be heading down to the Hungry Hill Gallery in West Cork next week. I've been going over some of my old photos and sketches taken on my last trip over the Healy Pass (on the Beara Peninsula) and out popped this painting - "Over the Healy Pass" 40x40 cms.

To get to Keem Bay, on Achill Island, you have to follow a narrow, winding cliff road. Not a comfortable drive unless you have a head for heights! The road is tucked into the mountainside on one side and on the other....a sheer drop into the Atlantic ocean.

In this painting - The Road From Keem, 30x30 cms - the road rises up from Keem Bay, in the distance are the Minaun Cliffs.

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