Monday, April 4, 2011

Pat Kenny launches SENTINELS

The opening night of SENTINELS was a huge success, with people queuing to get in the door at one point! Mind you, there were so many people moving around the gallery that it was almost impossible to look at the art on the walls properly. But it certainly created a "buzz" and there has been a huge follow up to the gallery since.

Thanks to everyone who came along on the night and made it such a great occasion. Especially to Pat Kenny who gave a great speech and was so generous with his time. For anyone that missed him, here is a link to his speech on Youtube.

Congratulations also to Denise and Deirdre on creating such a beautiful gallery. For the newest gallery in Dublin they managed to create quite a sense of occasion and have got a lot of people talking.

P.S. that's the youngest McCaul (baby Tom, 4 months old) in the photo. He decided he was going to hang on to Pat Kenny's finger for the night and wasn't letting go!

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