Friday, January 25, 2013

Here we go again...Welcome to 2013

Wow, I hadn't realised I had left it so long since my last post - nearly 3 months ago! But I haven't been idle you know...

I had a really busy run up to Christmas with the Wexford Opera Festival, Art Source and the National Craft Fair, as well the London Affordable Art Fair in October. It was a bit of a whirlwind - all happening within 5 weeks of each other - but very worthwhile and very successful. The most enjoyable aspect of the fairs though is getting the opportunity to meet everyone. It is such a privilege to know that what you 'work' at brings such joy and happiness to some people.

'Homeland' Oil on Canvas, 80x80cms
But busy and all as last year was, 2013 is going to be crazy! The Doorway Gallery have a hectic schedule of exhibitions pencilled in, starting with two London exhibitions at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea (March) and Hampstead (June), then I have a solo show - Homeland - opening in the gallery on June 27th which will be running until the end of August. We have lots of events planned to coincide with 'Homeland' and I'll be letting everyone know about it closer to the time.

'The Little Footballer' - Oil on Canvas; 8x8cms
 On top of all that are a couple of projects which are very close to my heart but which I can't say too much about yet! However one of them is related to our first year living on Achill Island, watching the kids grow up, settling into a new way of life. So far it's been a pure joy. There are days in the studio when I catch myself asking if life could be any better right now. It's obviously affecting my painting too. Here's something a little different...'The Little Footballer'. Can anyone spot the Mayo jersey??

The soundtrack to this contented period of work in the studio is firmly rooted in the 1970s. I've been listening to lots of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd - it's like being back in my first year in college as a 17 year old! But just listen to Led Zeppelin's new live album and try telling me they're not as vital and raw and alive as anything being produced right now. And they're in their 60s!

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