Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Padraig McCaul & Grainne Watts: Wexford Fringe

Over the past 50 years Wexford Fringe Festival has run concurrently with Wexford Festival Opera. It is internationally renowned as one of the most vibrant and diverse Fringe Festivals. It boasts an eclectic range of activities including dramas, one-act plays, Guinness Singing & Swinging Pubs, historical tours, classical recitals, jazz, light opera, horse-racing, musicals, poetry readings plus 70 art exhibitions and much, much more.

As part of the Wexford Fringe I will be staging a joint exhibition with ceramicist artist Grainne Watts in White's Hotel, Wexford from October 21st to November 1st. Grainne and I work out of the same studios, Stylebawn Studios in Delgany.

An online catalogue of both Grainne and my work for the exhibition is now on view on my website - www.padraigmccaul.com - and will be added to over the coming weeks.

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